Vitality Pool


The vitality pool offers rest and vitalisation to the body and psyche. Pleasant warm water, natural water buoyancy and massage attractions give you a feeling of weightless and you feel how stress and tensions are leaving you. Blood is circulated better, muscles are relaxed and general well-being is increased. Hydrotherapy with warm water stimulates the production of endorphine that has a natural sedative effect. Accelerated blood circulation improves the supply of muscles with oxygen and destroys harmful substances. The wholesome buoyancy of water relaxes the muscles and joints. Relaxation and inner appeasemnt guarantee a healthy and refreshing sleep.


Vitality pool is an ideal variant of rest after a sweat of sauna session, it increases the desired effect of the cold and temperature irritant.


The temperature of water in the vitality pool is 34°-36°C, the depth is between 1,10 - 1,30 m. Attractive lighting is provided by the search light underwater and on the footstep.


The pool can be equipped with different massage attractions:

  • with a intensive water flow for a neck and shoulder massage
  • for foot and leg water massage there can be massage nozzles on the floor and on the walls at a different height.